Mosaic Executive Coaching offers meaningful connection to drive performance and sustain wellbeing

Build Connection

Meaningful and purposeful collaboration with a trusted partner

Drive Performance

Key skills for improved leadership, creativity, communication and productivity

Enhance Wellbeing

Greater confidence and reduced stress for sustainable success

Our fast paced world is more demanding and uncertain than ever. Engaging an executive coach is an investment that gives competitive edge; like having a personal trainer at the gym. Coaching offers expertise and support to help meet the challenges of business life. At Mosaic, we have many years experience collaborating with startups, SMEs and corporate professionals across a wide range of industry sectors. We add value by helping our clients realise their potential; from short term assignments targeted on key objectives to longer term partnerships during periods of change.

Each Mosaic coach is qualified and experienced to offer 3 areas of expertise: executive coaching, psychological therapy and competency in business. This rare combination of skills allows a truly holistic approach so often missing from ‘standard’ coaching.


Build Connection

From the first contact you will discover that your coach is personally invested in your success and wellbeing. An effective coaching relationship offers a supportive space for honest and constructive dialogue. The non-judgemental atmosphere establishes a powerful enabler for positive change and a growth mindset. Together, you and your coach are dedicating quality time to focus on the things that matter most and to facilitate your best thinking.

We are skilled at working with individuals, couples and corporate teams. When working with couples, the approach focuses on facilitating effective communication between two people, identifying and understanding areas of harmony as well as tension, in order to create resolution and arrive at the best outcome (whatever that may be). Your couples coach will create a safe and supportive setting to explore your issues, hopes, fears, regrets, grievances, pain, losses and vision for the future, both as individuals and together as a couple. The existential approach offers a framework for couples to better understand each other’s world views in terms of the physical, personal, social and spirit dimensions.

Our psychological training makes us skilled listeners. This is crucial to help form an accurate understanding of your current situation; your strengths and your challenges; what is going well and which areas need change or improvement. Mosaic’s psychologically informed coaching methods are perfectly suited to reveal the heart of an issue, to tackle any blocks and create new, more authentically effective ways to progress and succeed.

We abide by the EMCC code of ethics and incorporate the highest levels of integrity and transparency in our work. In accordance with best practice, we undertake regular supervision and CPD training to maintain our skills.

Drive Performance

Every Mosaic programme is tailored to suit you and your situation, be it at individual, team or organisational level. We specialise in leadership coaching, helping senior teams to lead with vision, empathy and creativity. Mosaic coaches are experienced in a wide range of solution focused coaching methods. These can be used to sharpen focus, increase motivation, identify and build on existing strengths, quieten the ‘inner critic’ and bring out the best in you. We use:

  • FED (Future Engage Deliver) methodology to develop leadership capability
  • ‘Thinking Environment’ for communication, creativity, team building and defining goals
  • Existential enquiry to reveal meaning, identify values and set authentic direction
  • Somatic coaching to listen to the wisdom of the body (gut instinct)
  • Neurological understanding to harness the power of the brain
  • System constellation techniques to improve relationships and resolve conflict

Enhance Wellbeing

How you feel in mind and body directly impacts your quality of life. If you are struggling to thrive in an atmosphere of relentless demands, chaotic communication, pressured deadlines and unsupportive teams, it is easy to lose your way. Left unchecked, these can harm your health and relationships, possibly leading to exhaustion and even illness.

Coaching is about building a sense of empowerment and control in relation to what is happening around you. It is transformative, not merely transactional. Working out how to build confidence whilst reducing stress and anxiety is integral to a sound coaching agenda. Taking the right, well considered action often requires courage and a willingness to do things differently. However, the rewards can be rich; a more balanced life, a greater sense of purpose, higher energy levels and self-esteem. Long term, sustainable change is about finding ways to stay focused on your goals without compromising your health or losing sight of the human realities of your world.

As the partnership develops and your coach gets to understand you, your coaching meetings become an important part of your professional and personal development. Our clients are often surprised to report that they have become more effective and successful whilst at the same time feeling more at ease.

Meet the Mosaic Team

Leena is a Senior Coach and Psychotherapist with a strong record of success in the business world. She was a management consultant for over 15 years working on a wide range of challenging projects with major City clients. Since founding Mosaic in 2015, she has built a growing practice which offers a uniquely effective coaching approach for ambitious clients in today’s demanding environment.

Read more about Leena

Kay is a Senior Coach and Counsellor. She has coached many people over 15 years, and has 25 years of leadership and consultancy experience with blue chip companies such as Prudential Group, Thomas Cook and Zurich Insurance. Her deep understanding of business culture, and psychological insight, enables her to fully appreciate and work with the challenges and opportunities facing her clients.

Read more about Kay

Frank comes from a background in the arts and culture sector and has mentored and coached professionals from a range of organisations. He has worked as a creative on leadership development programmes at PwC, supporting practices to develop fresh ways of thinking.

Read more about Frank

Carolyn is an executive coach and leadership mentor, supervisor and team facilitator. With a background in leadership development and consultancy in the third sector Carolyn has run her own business for the last 20 years. She works with leaders in corporate settings supporting them to manage change and rebalance when life and work have become challenging. She brings depth of presence with a genuine and authentic approach.

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Dominic is an applied psychologist with an extensive background in psychological consultancy. Alongside working for Mosaic, he is a clinical supervisor and mental health advisor to various organisations and institutions. He holds qualifications that range from psychology and counselling through to conflict resolution and corporate law.p>

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Paul is an accredited psychotherapist and coach with over thirty years experience working across a range of business sectors, including construction, technology, transport, education, financial services and hospitality.

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Frances is a therapeutic leadership coach and psychotherapist.
Since 1999 and following a successful career leading a global investment bank’s HR team, she has coached senior business leaders in the financial services and IT industries and the third sector.

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Katherine Bassey is an EMCC accredited executive coach, coaching supervisor and team facilitator. A Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, with over 30 years in organisational development and people management roles in the public and third sectors.

Read more about Katherine


Fee Duration Location
Individual Meeting £150 50 minutes City, Belgravia, Surrey, Online
Executive Coaching £360 90 minutes City, Belgravia, Surrey, Online
Couples Regular Session £180 / £300 50 mins / 90 mins City, Belgravia, Online
Couples Immersive Session £1,260 10:00am to 4.30pm City (Fridays or Saturdays only)
Corporate Workshop Bespoke Bespoke City, Belgravia, Client Offices, Online

For all work, we offer a free 20 minute introductory online consultation to explore your objectives and options.

The Couples Immersive session can be ‘stand-alone’ or followed by regular weekly or fortnightly meetings, as required.

For both couples and individual work, we normally suggest working for 6 weekly meetings followed by a review.


I hired Kay at a time when I needed to maximise my effectiveness and that of my team. She unfailingly prompted me to challenge my preconceptions and develop my management style and supported me and my team in achieving our professional goals. Kay’s understanding of people, organisational politics and the process of coaching is a rare combination.
– Paul C, Head of Corporate IT, Insurance

We invited Mosaic to run a series of leadership team workshops to improve communication and cooperation. Carolyn was exceptionally good at bringing the team together, understanding when to step in and when to let the conversation flow. We got through everything that I’d hope we would, with focus and commitment.
– Julie D, HR Director, Global Restaurant Chain

Working with Leena helped to refocus me and enabled me to find methods to help me be more productive. Having a clear structure worked really well and enabled me to focus and get things moving. The peaceful environment allowed for reflection and concentration.
– Phil B, CEO and Founder, Private Nursery Chain

Kay’s coaching helped me to work through a very challenging and demanding stage in my career. She focused on me as an individual and supported me in finding solutions that were effective both for me and for my organisation. Kay’s support and understanding of corporate life was invaluable in enabling me to succeed and restored my self-belief and confidence.
– Richard K, Senior Manager, FTSE Company

I do my best thinking in my coaching meetings. The work done individually and as a team with Mosaic has been incredibly valuable in developing my thinking and my capabilities as a Leader.
– David S, Creative Director, Tech-led Gaming


Call us to book an introductory consultation. We are interested to hear about your current situation and discuss your coaching goals.

Phone: 07974 753 985 or email: info@mosaic-exco.com

Individual and couples coaching meetings are normally scheduled every 2-4 weeks. Team Coaching and Workshops can be booked for 2 hour, half day or full-day sessions. We manage a flexible diary to accommodate changing work patterns and business travel. We are experienced at conducting meetings over video call or in-person meetings can be arranged at your offices or at one of our Central London consulting rooms:

City Office: 12 Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2R 7AS
Belgravia Office: 2 Eaton Gate, London SW1W 9BJ